To furky, or not to furky? That is the question!

I have had an interesting conversation with a few friends over the last day or so about the inclusion of “fake meat” in a vegan diet. For example:


I mean, they ARE a processed food and AREN’T processed foods BAD for you? Let’s get real for a few minutes.

1) Fake meat IS processed, therefore if you eat it every single day for every single meal, you are likely NOT reaping as many health benefits from a vegan diet as you would if you ate it more moderately. 

2) Fake me IS NOT meat. Therefore, it is guilt free if you’re vegan for ethical reasons (like I am).

3) Fake meat is a great help to those of us who are new to the vegan world and/or those of us who feel the need for foods with meat-like consistency.

4) Compared to the antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide filled animal proteins, fake meat is a much lighter (by lighter I mean cholesterol, triglyceride and calorie counts) choice. 

I suppose what I’ve learned is that while fake meat is delicious, guilt free, and helpful, it should be eaten in moderation. A vegan diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains is my goal. 





2 thoughts on “To furky, or not to furky? That is the question!

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